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Plant in Kraluv DvurThe CMS production plant is focused on both small and more complex work. This is primarily a production consisting of the assembly of products from several parts for end customers, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, sorting, refurbishing, gluing, as well as packaging of components and parts. An integral part of our activities is the quality control of various parts, components or entire products.


Last but not least, we also offer our customers assembly and production activities on semi-automatic equipment with staff.


We have been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since 2005, when we received a quality certificate for, among other things, the area: "Manufacturing and assembly of simple components and products for industries within a protected workshop." And since our clients are also automotive subcontractors, we have adopted some important elements of the ISO/TS 16949 standard.


In October 2008, we opened renovated premises in Králové Dvór in the area of the former iron works. Here, at our own expense, without any subsidies or support from state or European institutions, we reconstructed the former physics laboratory so that it meets the barrier-free and other requirements for the operation of a protected workshop without any comments.


In September 2011, we completed the reconstruction of the adjacent building, into which we expanded the production of some activities of the so-called "clean operation", which requires strict standards for the cleanliness and quality of the working environment intended primarily for clients from the cosmetics industry, for which we provide a whole range of activities such as is the packaging of luxury decorative cosmetics, gluing lids on cosmetic pencils, embossing boxes, labeling boxes and cartons, assembling parts for cosmetic pencils (applicators + lids) and, last but not least, also working on the open product in a special room designated for this. The building was renovated with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade as part of the "Real Estate" project.


Our company is regularly audited by our customers, but we also conduct regular customer audits of companies such as Chanel and Esteé Lauder.


In 2024, as part of improving the environmental impact, we completed the installation of a photovoltaic system to generate electricity for our own use. The technology is located on the roof of the main building.


Plant in Kraluv Dvur Plant in Kraluv Dvur Space for Recieving Goods Stock Room Daily Room Clean Room Secondary Packaging Secondary Packaging Embossing Weighing Labeling Open Product Gluing Micro-Matic Montage Automotive Montage Automotive Montage

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